Cultural passport Cuba

7 activities to do in havana

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Cultural passport Cuba

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Cultural passport Cuba

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Cultural passport Cuba

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Cultural passport Cuba

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Cuba is an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492, referring to it as “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen”. Thanks to the high temperatures that prevail in the islands throughout the year, Cuba has an enviable climate that tourists from all continents of the world want to enjoy. It is a spectacular tourist enclave that will make you believe you are living a dream.

Trapped by its wonderful rhythm, you will fall in love with its colorful flowers, its tall palm trees, its lively cities, its paradisiacal beaches, but above all, you will fall in love with its people and its way of life. Cuba is a place that has received a lot of African and European influence, and to a greater extent, Spanish, and this is something that can be noticed in its architectural style and in its artistic manifestations in general. You can stroll through its historic streets through its numerous squares, the Cathedral of Havana, the colorful houses of its neighborhoods, the famous Old Havana, the magnificent palaces, etc..

The country where fun, taste and sunshine live. A paradisiacal place that will make you dream

However, the main tourist attraction of this archipelago is its spectacular coastal area. Undoubtedly, the Varadero beach is the most popular thanks to its crystal clear waters, the colorful fish that swim through them and its white sand that makes you forget all your worries, transporting you to the highest level of well-being.

At Lucía beach, you can swim in transparent waters and dive into its depths to discover its wonderful coral reef or dive and observe all the marine species that will accompany you on your adventure.

If you’re a history buff, you can’t forget the Plaza de la Revolución, the Che Guevara Museum or the iconic monument to José Martí. If you are passionate about art, let yourself be surprised by the National Ballet Festival of Havana or the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Do you want to have fun? Cuba is your destination without a doubt! Enjoy the most catchy rhythm of the carnival in the capital, inherited from the peninsular customs. Dress up and dance to the rhythm of the floats and comparsas in this party of joy and colour. If you prefer to enjoy the Cuban tradition, the traditional peasant festivals will not leave you indifferent. Among them, we can highlight the Guateque, the Changüi or the drum dances. Music, drink, food and dance are the main protagonists in these wonderful celebrations.

When you travel it is essential to know your destination in depth. Dare to discover each and every one of the typical flavors of this wonderful land. Start by trying to guess what lies behind their creative names. Try the traditional old clothes, savor the dish called Moors and Christians and enjoy the good food with the ajiaco, the “picadillo a la criolla” or the crispy fried cow.

Not all travelers can keep up with Cuba. Get ready to discover the best version of this spectacular land and to dance to the sound of its internationally known salsa. Explore every last furrow in the waves of the crystal clear waters of its beaches and discover how many colors you can see when you dive to the bottom of the sea. Cuba is a unique place full of desires to be fulfilled.