Cultural passport Thailand

What is the Temple of the Tiger on Krabi and why should you visit it?

1 Visiting the religious site2 Climbing to the viewpoint of the Tiger Temple The Krabi region, located on the shores … 0 138
Cultural passport Thailand

Dare to get to know Thailand, through these 5 destinations

1 Phi Phi Phi Islands2 Lopburi, the city of monkeys3 The Terracotta Garden of Chiang Mai4 Khao Kheow Open Zoo5 … 0 87
Cultural passport Thailand

Sanctuary of the Truth, an obligatory stop in Thailand

1 Visiting the exterior of the Shrine of Truth2 The interior of the Sanctuary of Truth Located in the Gulf … 0 127
Cultural passport Thailand

What are the typical souvenirs of Thailand?

An eye-catching amulet, a garment made of natural silk or a handcrafted puppet can be typical souvenirs of Thailand these … 0 105
Cultural passport Thailand

6 things you can’t miss in Thailand

1 Shopping in the floating markets of Bangkok2 Take a dip in Erawan Falls3 Visit Phimai Historical Park4 Dinner at … 0 86