A look at Madrid’s top restaurants?

mejores restaurantes de Madrid

Although Italian and French gourmets would never admit it, Madrid and other Spanish cities have some outstanding restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine, an art that is continually surpassing itself, thanks to the likes of Jordi Roca, Juan Mari Arzak, Martín Berasategui or Ferrán Adriá. To enjoy it at its best, there is nothing like visiting Madrid’s top restaurants, a very competitive list, currently headed by DSTAgE, Bodega La Ardosa, Ramón Freixa, Yakitoro or La Bien aparecida. Why not read on, and discover why:

Yakitoro, en el Paseo de la Castellana

With the ever-popular Alberto Chicote as one of its patrons, Yakitoro is a full gastronomic experience, with such surprising titbits as cod fritters, chicken wing brochettes, red cabbage stewed with apples or fresh shitake mushrooms in a garlic sauce. Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Madrid.

La Bien Aparecida, in the Calle de Jorge Juan

If you want to taste true Galician cuisine, then you should visit this restaurant, which owes its name to the Patroness of Cantabria. Paco Quirós is the heart and soul of this unusual establishment, where anchovies, squid and other maritime ingredients always abound.

Ramón Freixa, in the Calle de Claudio Coello

Another of Madrid’s top restaurants credits the prestigious chef Ramón Freixa as one of the keys to its success. This amazing restaurant is the holder of no less than three Repsol suns, proof of the quality of its cuisine and the excellence of the service, which can be enjoyed inside the Único Hotel. Although it may surprise you to hear it, the prices are not sky-high, although naturally not within the reach of everyone.

Bodega La Ardosa, en la Calle de Colón

If you want to understand what tapas really mean, the La Ardosa winery is a perfect place to discover it. It is popular with locals and foreigners alike, thanks to numerous mentions on CNN and other international TV stations. Its exterior decoration (composed of glass combined with a vintage facade), hints at what its cuisine will be like inside: very traditional, which does not mean that the croquettes, tortillas, salmorejos and other typical delicacies will bore your palate to sleep. In fact, they are more in the nature of a flavour explosion, thanks to the chefs’ dedicated hard work and skill.

DSTAgE, in the Calle Regueros

And of course, we could not forget about another of the most highly recommended restaurants in Madrid, and without a doubt the most fashionable, with apologies to DiverXO and Dabiz Muñoz. In a space designed around industrial aesthetics, avant-garde decoration is displayed with tables that can hold over 40 guests, and which have served to show off chef Diego Guerrero’s greatest creations. In general, its food is from the fusion and signature cuisine schools. On a final note, we must recognise that there is a lot of gourmet life beyond these top Madrid restaurants. Good examples are DiverXO, Santceloni, the Corral de la Moreria, The Allard Club, Kabuki, Gaytán, La Candela Restó or El Tormo. You certainly won’t have any excuse for not discovering all the flavours of the Spanish capital to the full!

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